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Lebanese – Chinese Business Association - LCBA aims to:

1- Contribute to provide consultancy and support to all sectors of business and liberal professions in the fields of trade, industry, tourism, agriculture and services and securing bridges of communication and pairing between businessmen and business opportunities emerging between the two countries and around the world

2- Contribute to improve the business climate and propose updated ways of working through the preparation of statistics and studies and doing everything possible to develop thought and practice and develop properly the business and staff in this area in collaboration with public and private institutions.

3- Contribute to the establish a mechanism to promote and continue a permanent and effective among businessmen in touch with the rest of the self-employed to facilitate the interaction of trade and social in particular through the organization of meetings, seminars, conferences and exhibitions specializing in several domains and different workshops and dissemination of news and documentations.

4- The development and consolidation of friendly relations between the business communities in both countries, and especially at the level of decision-makers, and to provide opportunities for the very best ways of cooperation between the two countries.

5- To identify the responsible parties of the two countries in order to improve the climate of cooperation between the Lebanese side, Chinese and overcome the obstacles that come across any of them, and encourage the establishment of joint ventures with economic return

6- Encourage the establishment of joint economic projects in both countries and contribute to the support of all the available capacity and provide policy Information and services to businessmen interested in establishing in such projects.

7- Enhance relations between the businessmen to strengthen markets and insure needs and coordinate and organize and develop business activities, industrial, agricultural, tourism and exchange of experiences

8 - Receiving the delegations and Chinese missions and to accompany them and to offer them consultancy and assistance and the needed support to successfully perform their duties




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