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China issues first private document on its policy towards the Arab states






China issues first private document on its policy towards the Arab states

Beijing, Wednesday, January 13, 2016 (Xinhua)


The Chinese government has issued an official document is the first of its kind to be issued on China's policy towards the Arab states, in which the historical ties that bind China and the Arab countries, and policies and the fields and the prospects of joint cooperation reviewed
The document includes an introduction and five sections dealing with "deepening Arabic Chinese strategic cooperative relations based on comprehensive cooperation and common development" affairs, and "China's policy towards the Arab states," and "promote the China-Arab cooperation in a comprehensive way," and "Forum of China-Arab cooperation and work follow-up, "and" relations between China and the Arab and regional organizations. "
The document noted that the Arab world is important for China partner that behave consistently the path of peaceful development in its efforts to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with developing countries, and the establishment of an international relationship of a new type centered on cooperation and mutual gain, and dealing with the Arab-Chinese relations from a strategic angle, is committed to consolidating and deepening friendship traditional between the two long-term foreign policy
    The document on China's commitment to the proper understanding of moral responsibility and the need for efforts to promote peace, stability and development in the Arab countries and achieve better development in China, for mutual gain and common development is coordinated through cooperation and explore prospects for a brighter relations of strategic cooperation between the two sides
Chinese President Xi Jinping has identified areas and trends of priority for collective cooperation of the China-Arab in his major speech during the opening of the sixth ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Arab Cooperation in 2014, which identified a working directory for the development of China-Arab relations and the construction of the Forum, where President Shi said the Chinese and Arab sides to build Arabic Chinese community a common interest and a common commitment to the principle of discussing the fate of solidarity and sharing
    The document said that the Arab countries have responded positively and effectively with the Chinese initiatives that call for China-Arab sides involved in the construction of economic belt of the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century and the formation of cooperation, "1 + 2 formula +3" of taking the field of energy as a major and the areas of infrastructure infrastructure and facilitate trade and investment Kjnahin and 3 with advanced and modern technology, including nuclear energy, aerospace and satellite and new energies as a point of breakthrough in the fields of cooperation, and strengthen cooperation in production capacity
China will strengthen private financial cooperation with the Arab countries between the competent authorities control and supervision, and would welcome the accession of Arab countries to the Asian Development Bank to invest in infrastructure and play an active role, according to the document
The document noted that China supports the exchange open branches between Chinese and Arab financial institutions that meet the conditions required for professional and interdisciplinary cooperation, in addition to strengthening the communication and cooperation between the competent authorities control and supervision, and promote monetary cooperation among central banks on both sides.
The document also said that China will look to expand the settlement circle cross-border using local currencies and special arrangements to be exchanged, and increasing funding support and insurance
According to the document, China will seek with Arab countries to strengthen coordination and cooperation in international organizations and financial mechanisms and complete the reform of the international financial system in order to strengthen the right to speak and the representation of developing countries
In the fight against terrorism, China said in the document that it is keen to strengthen communication and cooperation with Arab countries in the field of combating terrorism and establishing long-term mechanism for security cooperation and strengthen policy dialogue and the exchange of intelligence information and conduct technical cooperation and personnel training, to face international and regional terrorist threats jointly
The document said that China categorically rejects and condemns terrorism in all its forms and refuses to associate terrorism with a particular religion or sweat, and rejects double standards, pointing out that China supports the efforts of the Arab countries in the fight against terrorism and supports its efforts to strengthen its ability to fight terrorism
    The document added that the Chinese side believes that the fight against terrorism requires a comprehensive procedures and eradicate terrorism from its manifestations and Bawatna at once, and that it must adhere to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international law and respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in counter-terrorism operations in question
But in the field of non-traditional security, said the document that China supports the international community's efforts in the fight against maritime piracy, as well as its commitment to continue sending military ships to take part in the maintenance of international maritime safety tasks off the Gulf of Aden and the Somali coast in addition to conduct cooperation in the field of Internet security
China and praised the document continued commitment of Arab states and regional organizations to the principle of "one China", stressing that the Taiwan issue concerning the fundamental interests of China and the one-China principle is an important basis for the establishment and development of relations between China and Arab countries and regional organizations, pointing out that the Chinese side appreciates not having developed relationships formal or a formal communication with Taiwan and support the peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan Straits and China's reunification cause
    On the other hand, the document stressed that China calls for implementing the joint, comprehensive and cooperative and sustainable in the Middle East, the concept of security, and support for the Arab States and other countries in the region to build regional security mechanism which is based on collective cooperation and participatory, and sharing, in order to achieve security and safety and permanent prosperity and development in the Middle East
It stressed the document on China's respect for the option of the peoples of the Arab countries, and support their efforts to explore the developmental ways that fit with their own national conditions, and look to increase the exchange of experiences on governance and management of the country through a set of points such as increasing practical cooperation under the principle of mutual benefit and gain, and a private partnership to build a "belt and the way ", and take advantage of the two strategies for development and employment of what they have advantages and potentials to achieve common progress and common development of both sides
The document was keen China to strengthen consultation and coordination with the Arab side for maintenance purposes and principles of the "UN Charter", and implementation of the United Nations agenda on Sustainable Development in 2030, so as to maintain justice and justice in the international community and push the international system toward the direction of a more just and equitable, as well as respect for the vital interests and major concerns of the other side in the United Nations reform, and issues of climate change, food security, energy security and other important international issues, and to support the legitimate demands and attitudes right to the other side, and act decisively to protect the common interests of developing




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